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Some people may ask why one needs a lawyer at all in a DUI case. The bottom line is that defending a DUI is not a Do It Yourself Project. A competent lawyer will understand how to keep unfavorable evidence out where possible.

“The state has the burden of proving that you are guilty and the more you can do to make their job more challenging the better, within the bounds of the law of course.” – Caleb Suszko, Esq.

A competent lawyer may also be able to help the prosecutor see the weak spots in your case to negotiate a better deal for you. These weak spots may stem from the facts of the initial stop, the breath tests, whether implied consents were read and more.

Ultimately, there is no magic pill to make the DUI charge go away.

When it comes to our freedoms, protection is a must. Don’t go it alone, #DUInotDIY.

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