If your punishments for your DUI are worse than you’ve expected, it is important to understand that these are due to aggravated circumstances. Aggravated circumstances (or aggravating circumstances) are certain conditions that require additional punishments and an increase in charges. In fact, even a first driving under the influence charge can wind up being a felony depending on aggravated circumstances.

Some aggravating circumstances include

  • Accidents
  • Resisting arrest
  • A traffic infraction including speeding and any type of reckless driving
  • A BAC that is very high or more than twice the legal limit
  • Having a minor in the vehicle
  • Refusing a breathalyzer test
  • Property damage
  • Damage that resulted in injury or death

Remember, it is important to understand that aggravating circumstances and their consequences vary from state to state. That is why it is necessary to speak with an attorney to get an idea of your exact charge and punishment.

Having aggravated circumstances attached to your DUI charge will result in a harsher punishment. They can include

  • A jail sentence or longer jail sentence
  • A longer probation
  • A longer license suspension
  • More expensive fines
  • Possible vehicle impoundment (depending on your state)

Having aggravating circumstances can complicate your DUI charge and these details need to be combed through by an experienced DUI attorney. If you’re unsure about whether or not you need a DUI attorney, 1800DUILaws.com can help! Complete our free consultation form.