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DUI & DWI Classes

In most states, a drunk driving conviction (whether DUI, DWI, or a reduced charge, such as a “wet reckless”) will result in the requirement that the offender takes an alcohol education program. In many states, even if the court does not require the alcohol education program, the Department of Motor Vehicles will, in order to regain driving privileges.

Drunk driving laws vary from state to state, and cases are handled differently in different areas within a state. That’s why it is so important to find an experienced DUI defense lawyer near you.

The length of the program, and specific program requirements, will vary from state to state. There are also different programs for a first offense DUI or DWI, second offense DUI or DWI, or third offense DUI or DWI.

Look through the list below to find a list of licensed providers in your area, details about the types of programs required, and links to alcohol education programs near you.