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DUI & DWI Conviction and Jail Alternatives

Even in the case of a conviction, it is possible for a skilled defense attorney to obtain alternatives to jail for their clients. Alternatives to jail include:

  • Electronic Monitoring: This is also known as “House Arrest”, and involves wearing an ankle bracelet that electronically monitors the whereabouts of the wearer. Usually, arrangements can be made for the wearer to go to work or school, so long as they are home by an appointed time.
  • Work Release: This involves working at a site determined by the Probation Department. The participant works there during the day and gets to go home at night to sleep.
  • Work Furlough: This option allows the participant to keep their own job; however, they return to a dormitory-style facility to sleep at night. They are released to go to work during the day.
  • City Jail: Also known as “private jail” or “weekend jail.” Many local police departments operate a City Jail program. Participants check themselves into the police station, and usually spend the night there, to be released sometime the following day.
  • Alcohol or Drug Rehabilitation: Sometimes a DUI or drug-related arrest is merely the unfortunate symptom of an underlying addiction issue. While this is certainly not the case in every instance, some people who are arrested for these types of cases can best address alcohol or drug rehab as an alternative to jail. A skilled defense attorney will know how to obtain this type of relief for their clients and try to prevail upon a judge to allow this as an alternative to custody and fines.
  • Sober Living: For those that are multiple offend, or have a drug or alcohol problem that has not responded to past attempts at treatment, sober living is sometimes the best alternative. These are houses, both for men and women, where all of the residents are sober. The structure of each house will vary, but residents are usually required to attend a 12-Step meeting daily, participate in house groups and functions, and perform a household chore. In addition to allowing the participant to avoid a lengthy jail stay, sober living environments have helped many improve the quality of their lives.

If you, or someone you care about, have been arrested as the result of a problem with alcohol or drugs, please contact a DUI LAWS attorney. We’d be delighted to help.