Applying for a job

One of the many reasons people decide to fight their DUI charges is that a DUI conviction can get in the way of future employment. There are many professions where having a DUI on your record can keep you from being hired.

Many employers perform background checks on potential employees. Some background checks go back only a few years. However, depending on the type of job, a background check can be more comprehensive. If you are convicted of a DUI, it will likely show up on any type of background check. Additionally, if your DUI was recent and your charges are currently pending, it will likely show up on a background report. This is another reason why it is necessary to find an attorney as soon as you can.

Remember, if you fight your DUI charges and you are not convicted of a DUI, it will not appear on your background check. Therefore, fighting your DUI charges will help you immensely if you are searching for a new job.

Your current job

If you think you’re “in the clear” because you are currently employed, think again. You CAN lose your job after a DUI arrest.

Obviously, losing your driver’s license will affect anyone who is a professional driver. It can take years before you’ll be able to drive professionally again.

A DUI can cause you to lose your professional licenses in a variety of fields, including teaching, nursing, or medicine. A DUI can also affect your military status. In these fields, amongst others, you are required to disclose any criminal conviction.

Additionally, your employer may still continue to do background checks on employees. You may have signed a consent form allowing your employer to do so when you were first hired. If this is a common practice your employer does, you may be in trouble.

In addition to hiring an attorney, it is always a good idea to go over your employee handbook to see if you had agreed to disclose any criminal conviction. You can also seek advice from your union or HR department. Though you may not have to disclose any pending charges, your employer can still find out about them if they do frequent background checks.

During times when finding and holding on to a job is difficult, it is important to not let any obstacle get in the way of being out of work and money. This is why it is absolutely necessary to hire an experienced DUI attorney to fight your charges. A DUI conviction is not worth losing your job over. We can help you find a local attorney.