If you’ve been shopping around for a DUI attorney, you probably spend a lot of time reading about their background. You want to know where they went to law school and how long they have been practicing. Furthermore, you may have seen that many attorneys are members of their state’s bar associations.

So, you may be asking yourself, “What exactly is the bar?”

According to Wikipedia, the bar may refer to three things. One is the actual physical bar in the courtroom that separates the trial area from where the public sits. The second definition of the bar is the procedure of becoming eligible to practice law. Finally, the bar may also refer to the legal industry in itself.

Attorneys need to be admitted to the bar in order to practice law. They must have graduated from law school and pass an examination that is specific to the state where an attorney wants to practice. Above all, an attorney must seek approval from the jurisdiction’s court system to practice law. This is known as being admitted to the bar.

Every state has a bar association and you may see that your prospective attorneys are members of those associations, in addition to other organizations such as the National College of DUI Defense. The state bar is made up of only attorneys. In some states, it is mandatory to join the bar association and in others it is voluntary. Every state in the United States has voluntary bar associations.

The role the bar association plays varies from state to state. Some bar associations regulate a code of conduct for the jurisdiction while others may serve as a support system for member attorneys. All state bar associations are considered corporations.

You may learn that many of your prospects are members of voluntary bar associations. Most city or county bar associations are voluntary.

Additionally, the American Bar Association is a voluntary organization. The American Bar Association has, obviously, the largest membership because it is a national organization. The ABA regulates the academic standards for law schools as well as an ethical code for practicing attorneys.

It is usually a good sign when you see that an attorney is a member of a voluntary bar association. It indicates that they care about their field and are dedicated to providing quality legal assistance. When you see that an attorney is involved in their field, you can better trust that they will take your case very seriously and bring a sense of passion into fighting for your rights.

If you see that an attorney is not a member of your state’s mandatory bar association or has been disbarred, this is a sign that you need to keep looking. Don’t settle for any attorney. It is not worth it.

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